Thursday, September 24, 2009

Well as you can see its been a few months. We just recently put my Dad in a assisted living center. Believe it or not he is really liking it and is happy. It makes me happy that he is keeping busy with new friends. some days he makes new friends again. It is hard to see your parents getting old but you always want the best for them. We are lucky he is in the Heritage Home in Hurricane so he is close to visit. He would love a visit from any of you.
Allen is not real busy but little jobs seem to appear which were thankful for.
Believe it or not Krista turned 18 years old yesterday she is such a sweet girl. This has been a busy month for birthdays. Jason C, Holly, Heidi, Chris, Jenny, Jaxson, Trek, and krista.
Im so thankful for our family.
We are sorry about Jason Bakers Grandma passing away she was a very special lady. We also wish Jason B a succesful surgery.
Well as usual life is crasy but happy to be here.