Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Well I know life is full of these lately it seems as if alot have found us. Its what we learn from these that are important. I have learned what a loving helping family we have and are always there for us. I also know I would rather have my challenges or trials then someone elses. I know that we are not given more than we can handle so Allen and I are pretty tough at times. So I guess what it comes down to is the most important thing we have is each other and our familys.
Allen has had 3 surgerys in 4 weeks. He has had two total knee replacements and one emergency surgery to fix a bleeder he had in his knee. He is doing much better now still weak but feeling much less pain. He is a very strong Man and has been through a lot but if you were to ask him how he was he would say. "I've never had a bad day!
Thanks to all our family, siblings, and friends for all the help! We so appreciate it all!
A quote I found * The best vitamin to be a happy person is B1 *
Until later! And yes, we plan at staying away from hospitals