Monday, March 1, 2010

I'm Back!

Hi everyone, after a little harrassement from kids yesterday I decided it was time for a new post. We had such a fun day yesterday going to Logandale for Baxter's ordainment to a Deacon. Who can believe he is 12 years old? And Bella is right around the corner to turning 12 also. Today I just want to say How lucky I am to have such terrific Kids and the best Grandkids. The Love those Grandkids give you is the very best. We sure had some fun laughs yesterday and a good visit with family.
Thanks Girls for following my example of Braids, matching outfits, fruits and vegs at meals, and time outs.

And the fun news is I am off to California with Grant and Holly to Disneyland and the Zoo next week can't wait.
see you soon!