Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Well again it has been a few months. I have taken sometime this last month and thought of the things that I am thankful for.
Jobs for Allen
Food Storage
The Gospel
My Father
My Grandma
Our Children
Our Grandchildren (all 28 of them)
The Seasons
A warm place to go home to
Food on the table
And many more!
Well my prayers go out to my neighbors who have been very ill and who have lost love ones.
To all the people without jobs
To all the people with no food on the table
To all the people with no place to go
I am so blessed to have a great Husband who works very hard and provides well for me. And for such wonderful, thoughtful, loving, children. And for the cutest Grandkids around. (I'm partial)
My Dad is adjusting pretty well still at the assisted living center. He is struggling with his memory, but is eating well and visiting . Please take time to go see him as he doesn't remember that you have been there. What a wonderful Father he is and a example of christ he has been in many lifes.
We are so glad that Jason Baker was able to go back to work this week , and hope that this will be a good start to his recovery. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with our children(most of them) and loved ones.
Remember we are so blessed and have so much. If not look around and you will always want your life back. Lets all try to play in forward and remember others at this time of year.
Hope to be back soon.